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Annual Bedding Plants

We know how exciting it is to plan out a garden or flower bed. Adding beauty to your space, enriching your bounty with vegetables and promoting the well-being of gardening is one of the brightest spots of our spring, summer and fall seasons.

We have an extensive listing of annual plants that we provide in our garden center in Shaunavon, as well as to retail garden centers throughout Saskatchewan. You can see our full listing at the bottom of this page. 

To help you plan, here are a few tips to help:

Do you know how much sunlight your plants will be getting? If you are not quite sure, here are a few rules of thumb to help you determine the plants to choose from for your flower, herb or vegetable garden.

Full Sun means 6 or more hours of direct sun a day.

  • Full sun plants like areas that are bright and sunny. 

  • Feeling the sunshine on their blooms and leaves up to 14 hours a day would make these plants happy.

    • If they are identified as spring bloomers, they will probably like a bit of afternoon shade. 

    • If the plant is identified as drought tolerant, it's a good bet that the afternoon sun will be welcome.

Partial Sun or Partial Shade is 4 to 6 hours of direct sun a day

  • These plants are happy to get their sunshine in the morning or evening. The heat of the day stresses them out and they may not do very favorably for you.

  • A plant that likes partial sun means you want to make sure it gets at least 4 hours of sun a day.

  • If a plant likes partial shade then greater emphasis is placed on the plant not getting more than 6 hours of direct sun.

  • Partial shade can also occur when there is a mixture of sun and shade - such as when the sun is shining through/around leaves of a tree (also referred to as dappled shade)


Full Shade is less than 4 hours of direct sun a day

  • Full shade beauties do the very best when they get less than 4 hours of direct sun a day - in the morning or evening. They siesta in the afternoon and really don't like the heat of the mid-day sun.

  • Full shade plants can do well in dappled shade also.

  • Please note: full shade doesn't mean no sun. Every plant needs to have a bit of sunshine! It just means not as much sunshine as other plants.

We are pleased to share our listing of plants with you. With over 700 options to choose from (that's a lot, right?) we have broken it into the following sections. These files are in a pdf format. You will need a pdf viewer to read this.

**Please note, this is our full listing at the beginning of the spring season.

**Availablility can flucuate fairly quckly, and all items may not be available as they sell out. 

Full Sun 

Full Sun to Partial

Shade to Partial Sun

Foliage and Ornamental Grass



Hanging Baskets

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